Software Features
School Gate Guardian Features
School Security and School Visitor Management System
How Our System Protects your School

From any state issued photo ID, our software captures the name, address, driver’s license #, and date of birth from your visitor. It also captures the photograph of the visitor for badge purposes. This simple electronic process guarantees speedy and accurate retrieval of this data.

After the visitor's data is retrieved the School Gate Guardian System compares the identity of our visitor to a national database of over 704,000 registered sex offenders. In the event of a positive match the School Gate Guardian Software will display several pieces of information on the actual registered sex offender such as a photograph, body markings such as scars or tattoos, aliases he or she may go by, and the crimes they have committed.

This information is displayed almost instantly so your staff can determine if the potential match is a 'false positive'. If they determine it is a positive match a discreet warning system is in place that instantly sends a text message and an e-mail to key personnel in your district. This same discreet alert can also be sent to local law enforcement.

Easily print a Visitor ID badge with the click of a button! The visitor's Photo, Name, Time of Visit, Person Visiting, and Visiting Location are printed on the badge along with a unique bar code.

The visitor simply places the badge on his or her shirt. When the visitor checks out, the bar code is scanned from the badge and the badge is then discarded by school staff. The visitor badge incorporates self-expiring technology by displaying a bright red stop sign 12 hours after the badge has been issued. This prevents someone from keeping their badge and attempting to use it at another facility or another time.