School Gate Guardian Partner - CrisisGo

School Gate Guardian + CrisisGo

School Gate Guardian partners with CrisisGo to enable School Gate Guardian Alerts to be sent through the CrisisGo network.  CrisisGo can also alert current Visitors in the event of an active situation.

Alert Notifications through CrisisGo


CrisisGo - School Gate Guardian Partner


School Gate Guardian sends an Alert to be dispersed through CrisisGo's communication network.  Rules based notifications allows CrisisGo to send the Alerts through the appropriate channels, thus ensuring the Alerts are routed to the right individuals.


Alert notifications can be turned into audible and visual alerts with CrisisGo's integration with PA Systems, Strobes & Sirens and Digital Displays.


During an active event, CrisisGo can send alerts to current visitors in the School Gate Guardian Visitor Management System.


CrisisGo's Safety Reunification Manager makes it easy to reunite parents with students through notification and identification.


Check out CrisisGo to learn more about their products and services for Schools.


The School Gate Guardian software is easily adaptable to your school visitor policies, so we are certain we can help protect your students. Please don't hesitate to contact one of our security consultants at +1 800 805-3808 to arrange a demonstration. If it is more convenient you can submit a request for additional information by clicking here. We look forward to the opportunity to secure your schools!