School Gate Guardian Partner - Acuant

School Gate Guardian + Acuant

School Gate Guardian partners with Acuant for ID Scanner technology and Data Capture for Visitor Identification and Verification.

ID Scanning and Data Capture with Acuant


Acuant - SGG Case Study

School Gate Guardian has been using Acuant ID scanning products since our inception in 2008.  


Acuant's ID scanners and Data Capture technology are very robust, fast and accurate.  


In a matter of seconds, a state-issued identity document (e.g., driver's license) is scanned by an Acuant ID scanner and data captured is then returned to School Gate Guardian to display.  


Acuant frequently updates its software to support new and changing identity document formats that vary from state to state.


Acuant can scan documents from other countries such as Mexico and Canada.


Click here to read the Acuant case study of School Gate Guardian.


Check out Acuant to learn more about their products and services.



The School Gate Guardian software is easily adaptable to your school visitor policies, so we are certain we can help protect your students. Please don't hesitate to contact one of our security consultants at +1 800 805-3808 to arrange a demonstration. If it is more convenient you can submit a request for additional information by clicking here. We look forward to the opportunity to secure your schools!