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School Gate Guardian's Suite of School Safety & Security Solutions Help Schools Around the Nation Re-Open Safely and Securely

We've added new features to our existing software products, developed brand new products and added new product lines to our offerings to make us a one-stop shop for all your back to school safety needs.


As school administrators all across the country develop strategies on how to return to school safely amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, the School Gate Guardian Team has been working diligently to come up with a suite of solutions to make the transition back to the classroom a safe and secure one.  We have added new features to our existing School Gate Guardian Pro, Self-Serv, and the School Gate Guardian Kiosk software to assist in screening visitors with customizable health screening questionnaires. We have also developed new products and picked up new product lines to make us the one-stop shop for all your back to school needs. 



  1. Completely new design for SGG Pro provides a cleaner interface while still providing all of the features and functionality.

  2. Combined all of our ID Scanners into the same software.

  3. Added Expired License exceptions to the Kiosk software which will show in the Kiosk Exception list in SGG Pro.

  4. Select All Visitors and Print for the recent visitors list in SGG Pro.

  5. Updated Kiosk design to match similar design updates in SGG Pro.

  6. Adding multi-lingual text to Kiosk software.

  7. Adding Visitor Screening questions to SGG Pro and Kiosk software.


Visitor Screening Software Updates

Web-based questionnaire visitors can fill out before coming to the school or it can be done during check-in.  Schools are able to customize the questionnaire and can tailor it for wellness checks related to COVID-19 or other illnesses.



  1. Web hosted application that can be used to screen students or visitor prior to their arrival to your facility

  2. Completely customizable questions based on ‘yes’ or ‘no’ responses or multiple choice options

  3. Customizable message telling guest or student if it is ok to attend or visit

  4. Web based reporting module displaying lists of approved or non-approved responses

  5. Auto alerts when a negative result is rendered


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FastTemp Hands-Free Temperature Check Scanner 

Safely re-open your school with FastTemp, a fast, accurate and hands-free temperature scanning device



  1. Completely hands-free operation

  2. Accurately scan a person's temperature within 1 second, even while wearing a mask

  3. A temperature above the CDC's safe threshold of 100.4° triggers an instant alert

  4. Easy to set up, Wi-Fi enabled and it comes with an industry leading 2 year warranty

  5. Optional adjustable wheeled pedestal base allows even the smallest children to easily get their temperature read accurately.

  6. Optional 40+ hour battery pack

  7. NDAA and FDA compliant device


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Classroom Guardian Patented Classroom Guardian Door Barricade

The Classroom Guardian Door Security device helps keep students and teachers safe and helps keep intruders or active shooters out of the classroom.



  1. Instantly secures a classroom or office door during an active shooter or other lockdown scenario.

  2. Patented Drop and Lock technology does not require cotter pins or the insertion of any foreign objects to engage the device.

  3. Door frame to door frame engineering uses the strongest component of the door to secure the classroom.  Does not rely on door handles or hydraulic assists on your classroom doors.

  4. Fire code compliant because the device can be securely disengaged from the hallway by school personnel, first responders or police so they can safely enter a classroom in the event of a hostage situation.

  5. Mounts anywhere within the ADA (American Disabilities Act) compliant height range which is above 19” and below 44.5’ from the floor.  Devices that mount into your floor clearly violate this act and may also disturb asbestos during installation.


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Online RSVP

Web-based event registration for schools



  1. Customize the details for each event. Information gathered Includes date, time and location.

  2. Guests must be a registered visitor with your school or district in order to be able to RSVP

  3. After submitting the RSVP, guests have the option to add the event to their calendar. 

  4. Confirmation will appear on the page when an RSVP is successfully submitted.


School Roll Call 

Web-based physical and virtual classroom attendance for students, faculty and staff



  1. Web hosted application for in-person or virtual attendance

  2. Real time reporting with exception reports showing students who are not accounted for

  3. Works from any web enabled device

  4. Great for Flex or Activity periods when students are able to choose from a number of activities in different locations. Tracking students during these periods is essential in the event of a lock down or evacuation scenario.


School Gate Guardian, the complete visitor management and security system for our nation's public and private schools, is easily adaptable to your school visitor policies, so we are certain we can help protect your students, staff and faculty. 


To arrange a demonstration, get more information or obtain pricing please contact our sales team at or call 800-805-3808 x 102 to talk with a live security expert. 



School Security and School Visitor Management System

School Gate Guardian is a comprehensive school check in system for visitors, staff and students.

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The School Gate Guardian software is easily adaptable to your school visitor policies, so we are certain we can help protect your students. Please don't hesitate to contact one of our security consultants at +1 800 805-3808 to arrange a demonstration. If it is more convenient you can submit a request for additional information by clicking here. We look forward to the opportunity to secure your schools!