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School Visitor Management System

School Gate Guardian's Visitor Management System screens and tracks visitors entering your schools while keeping unwanted visitors out!  Screen sex offenders and customizable unwanted visitor lists, alert staff to custody issues, approved pickup lists, tardy student tracking, RSVP, district wide reporting and so much more!

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School Gate Guardian Pro — Staff Operated
Operated by School staff, scan visitor photo ID's, use Frequent Visitor Keytags, print secure visitor badges, Sex Offender background check, tardy and early dismissal tracking, approved pickup lists, Volunteer hours tracking, Faculty/Staff time tracking, and more!


School Gate Guardian — Self Service
Non-Kiosk self service solution has the same great features as our Pro version but allows visitors to scan themselves in and out, pickup students, students check in late all while performing necessary background checks!


School Gate Guardian — Self Service — Kiosk
Our self service Kiosk solution is an all-in-one solution that has the same great features as our non-Kiosk self service version but comes in a highly visible, secured Kiosk cabinet.  The Kiosk is usually installed in a secured vestibule area, but can also reside in a hall way or the main office.


Other Visitor Management Options
From log books to time-expiring and non-expiring labels, to signature pads to RFID readers, our school visitor and student check in system has many options to meet your school check in needs.


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Classroom Door Security

The Classroom Guardian School Door Security device is FAST to engage, Auto-Locks, ADA compliant, and securely disengage from hallway. Our Patented Classroom Guardian Drops and Locks in seconds, and spans door frame to door frame to making it STRONG and SECURE!  See how it works - CLICK HERE to view our YouTube video.


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Locks in Seconds
Drop and Lock design does not require the insertion of a separate piece of hardware such as a pin to stay locked.


Spans Door Frame to Door Frame
Does not rely on existing door hardware such as the door handle or the hydraulic assist as these devices can easily fail.


Securely Disengages from Hallway
First responders, school security and staff can quickly and securely gain access to the classroom.


Attaches to Door 
Does not require you drill a hole in your floor which can disturb asbestos and fill with debris, rendering your device useless.


ADA Compliant  
Does not require mounting at top or bottom of door, which is not ADA compliant.


Patent Door Security Device 
Classroom Guardian's patented design allows it to Drop and Lock into place, while spanning door frame to door frame to help prevent unwanted entry into your classroom. Made from strong Steel, Classroom Guardian is STRONG and SECURE!


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School Visitor Kiosk

Our self-service school visitor kiosk reduces staff time while providing quick and easy school check in for visitors.

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School Security and School Visitor Management System

School Gate Guardian is a comprehensive school check in system for visitors, staff and students.

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School Gate Guardian Features

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The School Gate Guardian software is easily adaptable to your school visitor policies, so we are certain we can help protect your students. Please don't hesitate to contact one of our security consultants at +1 800 805-3808 to arrange a demonstration. If it is more convenient you can submit a request for additional information by clicking here. We look forward to the opportunity to secure your schools!